Hits Jewelry is a subsidiary of Hits Inc., which has been in operation since 1976 by a Spanish-born immigrant, who built it from scratch... without any financial aid, but what wasn't given,  was given through a very strong and devoted mind.

     Our  goals are as follows: to establish a digital market in the United States, build business and consumer relationships, and also to recognize and repay our Veterans and First Responders for their sacrifices.

    During the recession in 2008, we temporarily halted our business in the United States and shifted operations others countries located in Europe, South America, and Asia. After a while, we've  felt that it was time we stimulate this great country's economy. Which is why MOST OUR PRODUCTS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA  by a HIGHLY SKILLED staff in the world reknown Seybold Building in Downtown Miami. 

    Here at Hits we proudly recognize all U.S. Active/Retired Veterans and First Responders for their sacrifices which they make to secure our God-given right  to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" is upheld. Therefore ALL VETERANS AND FIRST RESPONDERS WILL RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT*

     *(write us an email to Hits@hitsjewelry.com with a copy of Military/First Responder ID or DD-214 (Military).

    For inquiries/questions you may call us at (754)-202-1567 and you may also live chat 24/7.